Progress Is in Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is the way out of controversy

Immigration reform is the way out of controversy

The Biden administration has been heavily criticized for its handling of immigration, but without immigration reform, there is not much it can do, a recent report explains.

As much as his administration or any other wants to intervene in the US immigration system, which is in dire need of restructuring, it will not be able to move unless there is Congressional intervention on current policies.

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The debate won’t stop until something changes

Experts in the field openly state that the controversy surrounding the immigration system is going to continue indefinitely until there is a structural change in the way the federal government approaches this sector.

In fact, one possible solution, according to experts, is to thoroughly overhaul current immigration policies and regulations in order to remove deeply conservative ideals and adopt new ways more aligned with global conditions.

Otherwise, the US will not be able to remain a powerhouse in industries such as technology and science because progress is also found in immigration across the world, and this fact is increasingly evident.

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It’s not about criticizing Biden, it’s about taking action

Unfortunately, lack of information and misconceptions often lead to “funnel criticisms,” which do not propose any solution or way out, but only focus on looking for blame instead of answers.

Therefore, it is not about criticizing the Biden administration relentlessly, although that does not mean it has no room for improvement, but it is also important to understand that the problem lies in current immigration policies and that, without Congressional intervention, there is no way forward.

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