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Motion Law is the preferred immigration law firm of the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Our experienced immigration attorneys provide free consultations and personalized legal advice to suit any immigration need you may have. We are a full-service immigration law firm with a focus on Family Based Immigration, Business Immigration, Deportation, and Immigration appeals. Types of cases include immigrant and non-immigrant visas, waivers, asylum, student visas, employment visas, investor visas, naturalization, consular visa processing, VAWA, DACA, U-visa, and removal proceedings, among others.

There are many reasons why individuals and families consider immigration to the United States. Be it for better job opportunities, an improved lifestyle, to escape dangerous environments, or to simply re-unite with US based family members. There are also lots of valid reasons for visiting the US on a temporary basis; to visit close or extended family, for educational needs, tourism, vacations, and also for business or investment projects. Application processes for becoming a US citizen or to live permanently in the US can be lengthy and hazardous and even temporary visas are best managed by an expert immigration attorney. Whatever your reason for coming to the US, Motion Law will help to make your immigration process run more smoothly and process your application in the quickest time frames available.


At Motion Law we pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients needs; pursuing every path until a solution is found. Your client journey will begin with an initial consultation with our experienced immigration attorney, in which your unique case will be thoroughly evaluated to achieve your short and long term goals according to current immigration law. Next, we will outline your options, providing you with time frames and the total cost involved before adopting the best available option to attain the outcome you wish for.


Clients have put their trust in Motion Law because for years our team of experienced attorneys and staff have worked tirelessly to always ensure that we are fully deserving of that trust. Transparency, integrity, dedication, and the highest ethical standards are at the heart of everything Motion Law does.

Family Immigration Tucson AZ

Managing your immigration process without the help of an immigration lawyer can be extremely confusing and costly, particularly if you have a family to care for. Motion Law will help you to understand all of your options and do our very best to remove any stress from your immigration experience.

Business Immigration Lawyers Tucson AZ

Motion Law are highly experienced in Business Immigration processes. We have helped many clients to obtain H-1B visas, R-1 religious visas, EB-1 through EB-5 visas for permanent workers, L-1 and E2 Visas, plus F-1 and M-1 student visas and more. Our business immigration clients include individual workers, business owners, investors, and corporations.

Deportation Immigration Lawyers Tucson AZ

Are you at risk of deportation? There are a number of options available to you. We can help you with reliefs, such as cancellation of removal, asylum, appeals, stay of removal, or voluntary departure. Whatever removal proceedings apply, our attorneys are here to help.

Immigration Appeals Lawyers Tucson AZ

Have you received a denial notice on your immigration case? Then you may be eligible to file an appeal. Motion Law's experienced appeals attorneys have the expertise and skills to appeal USCIS denials with vigorous representation.

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The support that I received was amazing, very helpful, and human. I really appreciate all the advice provided to me. The expertise of Motion Law Immigration is very high, and all the staff are equiped with the best knowledge to provide counseling and advice in the best manner. I highly recommend their services.

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I really appreciate how professional everyone is at motion law and how helpful and positively knowledgeable you were of the immigration concern i had which you helped me with alot, thank you very much.
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