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Family Immigration

Immigration law is changing all the time. Currently US Citizens and lawful permanent residents can petition for a green card for specific family members to come and live / work in the United States permanently. US citizens can petition for relatives including spouses, children, parents, siblings and even step-children or step-parents. For more information visit our Family Immigration page.


There are many occasions where an immigration authority such as ICE or the DHS can order the removal of individuals from the US. If you are living in the United States without correct documentation or you have violated the terms of your visa, you may still have several options to cancel your removal if you find yourself in removal proceedings. Let us focus on removing the stress and worries by facilitating your defense. Contact Motion Law today for immediate help!

Business Immigration

Whether you have an employer ready to sponsor you for a work visa or you are looking to invest in the US, Motion Law can help! Our team have over 30 years experience handling a variety of Business immigration petitions, so if you are considering an investment or work visa and have questions, please contact us today! We understand the complexities of the various investment or work visas and our team of experienced immigration attorneys are here to assist.

Immigration Appeals

If your immigration case has been denied by the authorities, do not despair, you may still have a range of alternative viable options. You may be eligible to file an appeal or a motion to start a review of your case decision. The expert attorneys at Motion Law have the skills and experience required to appeal against the decision of the USCIS or an immigration judge on your behalf. Contact us for help today.

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From the very first time i spoke with a US Firm (Motion Law) i was amazed with the way they handled any request i asked as well as how they took their time with me made me fell in-love with Motion Law. And i also realized that, they do things as quickly as possible. I salute them and i will always work with them any day and anytime.

— Rolland M-F

The support that I received was amazing, very helpful, and human. I really appreciate all the advice provided to me. The expertise of Motion Law Immigration is very high, and all the staff are equiped with the best knowledge to provide counseling and advice in the best manner. I highly recommend their services.

— Roberto Carlos Garza R.

I really appreciate how professional everyone is at motion law and how helpful and positively knowledgeable you were of the immigration concern i had which you helped me with alot, thank you very much.
—Nadia A.

Our Philosophy

At Motion Law LLC we consider our clients as our number one priority. Whether an individual or business, every client is equally as important to us and deserves the best immigration advice and service available anywhere in the Phoenix Metro area.

Our focus never waivers from delivering the right outcome for your immigration case and our approach is very different to other immigration law firms you may have experienced. With services which are entirely tailored around your needs and not ours, Motion Law's highly skilled attorneys are completely removed from the day to day distractions of running a business so they can totally dedicate themselves to solving your immigration requirements - six days of the week. Offering you high value corporate or personal legal services with 100% commitment to your case, Motion Law attorneys possess the skill sets and technical proficiency to ensure that our experienced team deliver timely results ahead of your expectations.

Why Motion Law?

As our name might suggest, we are a new breed of immigration law firm; our business is not about our attorneys or any individual on the team, it is about you.

From your first point of contact with us to the successful conclusion of your immigration process, we will keep you informed through every stage of your application. Using the very latest technology we will ensure that you know exactly how your case is moving along. Our Client Care team will also be available for you to reach out to from Monday through Saturday via our dedicated Client Phone Line so you will always be able to find the answers you want. We won't just try to keep you informed every step of the way; we'll just do it.

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[Motion: Definition] "an act, process of moving, instance of changing position: movement"

“We want to be part of your Immigration journey...”

― Naima Said, Immigration Attorney

Our Blog

Immigration is frequently changing. Here at Motion Law we like to keep our clients updated with the latest news in local and national immigration, inform you about changes within our firm, and share helpful information pertaining to your immigration needs.

Americans don't always support Governors' immigration decisions

American Views on Governors and Immigration

September 28, 2022

Americans don’t always support Governors’ immigration decisions A recent poll reveals that the American population supports sending immigrants on buses to more liberal states, but how true is this? Well, research shows that the information in the poll and the questions were not clear enough to say that the American population entirely supports the practice…

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The national debate on immigration is wrong

The Problem Lies in Not Admitting Enough Immigrants

September 27, 2022

The national debate on immigration is wrong A recent study reveals that the real problem lies in the number of migrants the US is currently receiving, not the border situation. Are you looking for help with your immigration process? That is undoubtedly the best decision you can make to protect your future and our team…

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Changing border dynamics, posing a new challenge

The Most Recent Changes in Border Dynamics

September 26, 2022

Changing border dynamics, posing a new challenge August’s border encounter figures reveal that there is a growing number of migrants from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua fleeing their home countries, substantially changing border dynamics in the US. Motion Law Immigration’s team has vast experience when it comes to all kinds of immigration proceedings. Therefore, if you…

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