Immigration Backlog During Pandemic

Pandemic's aftermath on immigration

Pandemic’s aftermath on immigration

A recent report presents several testimonials and stories of immigrants who faced difficult situations in receiving a response to their applications in the midst of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

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Piling on top of more piling up

As expected, the health crisis almost completely halted the vast majority of immigration processes and left hundreds of thousands of applicants in limbo.

Aside from that, it is worth noting that there was already a backlog of immigration applications pre-existing the pandemic, which was also related to restrictive policies of the Trump administration, hindering several legal immigration processes.

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Possible solutions

According to expert opinion, the only way to repair the aftermath of the pandemic and the Trump administration, and finally bring lasting solutions to the immigration system is to promote comprehensive reform in Congress.

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How can you protect your own case?

Despite the turmoil that has occurred over the past few years with respect to existing immigration processes, the outlook is much better now and the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) is expediting case adjudication to reduce backlogs in the shortest possible time. Therefore, if you are about to start your application, do not hesitate, now is the time to do it.

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Give yourself the opportunity to have a smooth immigration journey

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