Biden’s New Approach to Immigration

Biden's changing perspective on immigration

Biden’s changing perspective on immigration

After a year and a half in office, and despite the countless challenges he has faced, Joe Biden has demonstrated a very different and inclusive vision when it comes to immigration.

In fact, it is important to mention that his administration has not been able to move forward at the pace he would like to on the immigration system due to a number of drawbacks that have delayed his plans, such as:

  • High border encounter rates.
  • Socioeconomic fallout from the pandemic.
  • Repercussions of former President Trump’s hardline policies.

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Welcoming interregional Agreements are something new

One of President Biden’s strategies, which emerged during the Summit of the Americas, was to create an inter-regional agreement to address mass irregular migration as a continent and not just as a country, which is an absolutely different approach than previous administrations.

It is worth explaining that the US has always had migration agreements with neighboring countries like Mexico and Canada, but the Biden administration is now trying to go further, even proposing a refugee agreement with Spain and South American nations such as Colombia, Peru and Chile.

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A change of ship from the previous administration

The way the Biden administration views immigration is a complete departure from the vision of the previous administration, led by former President Trump.

This change in perspective is very positive for the immigration system as a whole, but it has also brought serious problems such as constant criticism and legal barriers from opposition groups and certain political leaders.

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