Biden Expedites Border Case Processing

Biden Prepares to Lift Title 42

Biden Prepares to Lift Title 42

According to current administration officials, Biden is expediting the processing of cases at the borders as a means to effectively address the termination of Title 42.

Part of Biden’s strategy is:

  • Make every effort to process as many cases as possible in the shortest amount of time.
  • Focus the effort of border agents on the field rather than on processing cases to effectively deal with an expected surge of irregular migration.

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The Biden administration must show results

Sice a part of the American population and several political leaders do not support the idea of lifting Title 42 at this time, the Biden administration now has an obligation to show results if it decides to remove this policy by the end of May, following its plan.

Officials state that Biden is doing everything in his power to best address the situation, but that the effectiveness of the plan is still uncertain as an exponential increase in the number of border crossings is expected, which could affect the image of his administration as a whole.

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It’s not just a political issue

It is important to remember that, ultimately, the only ones affected by this political debate are immigrant communities that must comply with the US rules when filing their cases.

Therefore, beyond the political debate, it is important to ask, who are the populations arriving at the borders? And what is the best way to offer them protection while enforcing local immigration laws?

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